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Born in November 15, 1881 / Died in March 23, 1960 / United States / English


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  • In Cupid's Court, Lord (Evanston, IL), 1902.
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  • So Much Velvet, Doubleday, 1924.
  • (Compiler with Deems Taylor, Jack Bechdolt, Helen Rowland, and Mabel Claire) The Book of Diversion, Greenberg (New York, NY), 1925, revised and enlarged edition compiled by Adams, Taylor, Rowland, and Percival Wilde published as The Weekend Companion, World (Cleveland and New York), 1941.
  • (Editor) The Conning Tower Book, Macy-Masius (New York, NY), 1926.
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  • (Author of foreword) Finley Peter Dunne, Mr. Dooley at His Best, Scribners (New York, NY), 1938.
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  • (Editor) Innocent Merriment: An Anthology of Light Verse, McGraw-Hill (New York and London), 1942.
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  • (Compiler) The F. P. A. Book of Quotations, Funk & Wagnalls (New York, NY), 1952.
Also contributor to Squads Write! (A Selection of the Best Things in Prose, Verse and Cartoon from "The Stars and Stripes"), edited by John T. Winterich, Harper (New York, NY), 1931; and The Best in the World, edited by John K. Hutchens and George Oppenheimer, Viking, 1973. Contributor to periodicals, including New Republic, Nation's Business, Harper's, and Atlantic Monthly.