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Born in November 21, 1965 / United States / English


November 21st, 1965 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Home Address:
P.O. Box 391026; Anza, CA. 92539

Gary R. Ferris
Rosanna Rippy

Kitty Ferris, John Ferris, Teresa Ferris, Robert Ferris, Shane Ferris, Sherry Woods, and Lee Woods.

High School-Guthrie High School, Guthrie, Ok.
Welding-Indian Meridian Vo-tech-Stillwater, Ok

United States Marine Corps 1984-1988

Stephanie Jo Ferris
Gary R. Ferris 3rd

Brief History:
Gary left home in Oklahoma at 18 years old to join the Marine Corps in California. While in the Marine Corps he was married and had his first child a beautiful daughter and an apple of any father’s eye, Stephanie Ferris. After completion of his military obligation, Gary entered the world of cable TV where he made a career and has remained. Gary began writing poetry in 1990 after the separation from his first wife. He remarried in 1997 and was gifted with a son Gary R. Ferris 3rd in 1999.

Gary continues to write poetry and his work has been included in such literature as “Touch of Tomorrow”, “The Colors Of Life”, The Enchantment Of Memory”, “The Best Poets of 2002”, “Inscriptions Of Time”, and many other collections. In 2006, Gary published his own poetry book, “Beyond Grace”. This book was a collection of poetry he had written over sixteen years. Gary continues to write poetry and has two new books, “Dark Shadow” and “Above All”, due out in late 2006 or early 2007.