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Born in September 9, 1840 / Died in August 5, 1907 / Netherlands / Dutch


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Gentil Theodoor Antheunis  was a Flemish poet. He was the son-in-law of Hendrik Conscience, whose only daughter Maria he married in 1870. He was born in Oudenaarde.

From 1859 until 1860, he was a teacher in the college of Oudenaarde and in 1861 he became a teacher in Dendermonde. After his early career as a teacher he studied law at the University of Ghent, where he graduated in 1866. He became a judge on 1 January 1868 in Oostrozebeke, later in Torhout, on 15 July 1877 he became a judge at Halle and finally in Brussels. Antheunis died in 1907 at Elsene.