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The silver and violet leopard of the night
  Spotted with stars and smooth with silence sprang;
  And though three doors stood open, the end of light
  Closed like a trap; and stillness was a clang.

  Under the leopard sky of lurid stars
  I strove with evil sleep the hot night long,
  Dreams dumb and swollen of triumphs without wars,
  Of tongueless trumpet and unanswering gong.

  I saw a pale imperial pomp go by,
  Helmet and hornèd mitre and heavy wreath;
  Their high strange ensigns hung upon the sky
  And their great shields were like the doors of death.

  Their mitres were as moving pyramids
  And all their crowns as marching towers were tall;
  Their eyes were cold under their carven lids
  And the same carven smile was on them all.

  Over a paven plain that seemed unending
  They passed unfaltering till it found an end
  In one long shallow step; and these descending
  Fared forth anew as long away to wend.

  I thought they travelled for a thousand years;
  And at the end was nothing for them all,
  For all that splendour of sceptres and of spears,
  But a new step, another easy fall.

  The smile of stone seemed but a little less,
  The load of silver but a little more:
  And ever was that terraced wilderness
  And falling plain paved like a palace floor.

  Rust red as gore crawled on their arms of might
  And on their faces wrinkles and not scars:
  Till the dream suddenly ended; noise and light
  Loosened the tyranny of the tropic stars.

  But over them like a subterranean sun
  I saw the sign of all the fiends that fell;
  And a wild voice cried "Hasten and be done,
  Is there no steepness in the stairs of hell?"

  He that returns, He that remains the same,
  Turned the round real world, His iron vice;
  Down the grey garden paths a bird called twice,
  And through three doors mysterious daylight came.

© Gilbert Keith Chesterton