Song Of The Hearth

written by

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Welcome Winter, how cracks your ice?
Fills your snow the valleys?
I have here spring thaw at the hearth
And no fire to fetch.
Blow you storm, through the firmament?
Wall and roof can bare it.
Pour you dampness down in streams?
My glass shall aside it put.

Shrinks the day? then less necessity
By light to yawn.
Stretches the night? then suits him well
Who together will sleep.
Does the garden no sappy fruit
On my table shine?
Dry fare does just as well digest,
With more ample drink.

Pour then, Winter, with your damp;
Storm and freeze outside;
Drive your light flakes around,
In front of my closed windows;
Give us but half our rations this day,
And one dish less;
High-spirited, with song and wine,
Of no hinder I complain.

© Guido Gezelle