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Haider Qureshi

Born in September 1, 1953 / Pakistan / Urdu

Haider Qureshi poet from Pakistan was born on September 1, 1953 has 70 years. Poems were written mainly in Urdu language. Dominant movement is other.


Haider Qureshi (Urdu: ???? ?? ??? ), born Qureshi Ghulam Haider Arshad (Urdu: ?? ??? ??? ? ???? ???? ) in Chenab Nagar, Punjab, is a well-known Pakistani Urdu poet, writer and journalist. His poetry is a rich colours of traditional Urdu and the local lingo. He is also researcher of "mahiya" on correct meter poetry methods. He has written several poetry and prose books and many articles.


Haider Qureshi was born in Chenab Nagar, Chiniot District, Punjab, Pakistan in a Seraki-speaking family. His father Qureshi Ghulam Sarwar belonged to Khanpur, Rahim Yar Khan. When he was still a child, he started to write his own verses. After finishing secondary education in 1968, he wrote his first romantic story. At the time he was also working at a sugar mill. Later he obtained his Master of Arts (M.A.) in Urdu literature in 1976. He wrote his first ghazal in 1971 which published in a weekly magazine Lahore. He has visited several countries.

Literary Career

Haider Qureshi was a active member of literary circles in Khanpur. His five publications are related to anthologies of ghazal, nazm and mahiya. His short stories, pen sketches, inshaiya (light essays), a travelog of his pilgrimage to Mecca and a recently published literary journal titled "Umre-La ' haasil ka Haasil" (The outcome of futile life) are ample proof of his being a prolific writer while living in Germany. He is a strong supporter of Urdu mahiya and has been praised for his work on mahiya and also criticized in the poetry circles.

He is the editor of the literary Urdu magazine Jadeed Adab, which is published both online and in print. It was first launched from Khanpur in 1978, and later from Germany. Haider Qureshi's poetry has been translated into English, Arabic, German and Turkish. At the University of Bahawalpur in Pakistan, a student has written a research thesis on him for his master of arts degree, and a PhD thesis has been written on Qureshi and on his literary work by a student at Gulbarga University of Karnataka, India.

Haider Qureshi is playing the active role in literary activities and he also participated actively in the literary circles of Khanpur to unmask fake poets. He is still an open enemy of pseudo-poets.

Most of his literar work comprises in the book Umr-e-Lahaasil Ka Haasil, a Kulliyat of poetry and prose. ..