Farewell, My Loved One!

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Round me now, beneath the weeping willow,
Night's refreshing breezes blow;
Anguish drove me from a sleepless pillow
Hours and hours ago.
You, and you alone, may know my sorrow-
You, my confidante of yore-
You, my loved one, when I must, tomorrow
Lose forever more!

Farewell, my loved one!
Yet once more
Let me press you to my heart;
Once, our Fate, with cruel fingers,
Tears our souls apart.

Though you may forget it, I remember-
Yes! for sweet it was to know-
What you told me in that dear December,
Years and years ago.
Whisper once again a truth so cheering,
Would you not those words deny;
And the sound shall linger in my hearing,
Even till I die.

Fondly let the last adieu be spoken,
Since we must our dreams dismiss;
These heart-linklets, since they must be broken
Break them with a kiss.
Then, though bitter tears will still be flowing,
One sweet comfort may I claim,
As I walk this world of changes-knowing
You are still the same.

While my treasure I relinquish, let me
Wish you heart-wealth that endures;
Even should you by and by forget me,
Faithful friends be yours.
May you never know a life so lonely,
Or a sky so dark above!
May you never having one love only,
Lose that only love!

© Henry Clay Work