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Born in October 9, 1846 / Died in January 14, 1908 / Denmark / Danish


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Holger Henrik Herholdt Drachmann , was a Danish poet and dramatist. He is an outstanding figure of the Modern Break-Through. The son of physician A.G. Drachmann, whose father belonged to the German-speaking congregation at St. Peter's Church, he was born in Copenhagen. Owing to the early death of his mother, the child was left much to his own devices and developed a fondness for semi-poetical performances, organising his companions in heroic games, in which he himself took such parts as those of Peder Tordenskjold and Niels Juel.

Holger was send to Bornholm to learn to paint. Here he met his first wife Vilhelmine Erichsen, whom he married in 1871 in Gentofte. They had one daughter, Eva. In 1874 his marriage ended. He then got involved with a married woman named Polly for a short while. She got pregnant and gave birth to a daughter. She shortly after broke contact with him.

He then met with a young girl in Hamburg by the name Emmy. They fell in love and got married. They adopted the daughter with Polly and got four more children of their own. In 1887 she became seriously ill, and one of their daughters died in the same year. Perhaps due to the stress he fled into a relation with Amanda Nielsen, whom he called Edith, who became his biggest muse. He would have many muses in his life, but on his deathbed he said that his two biggest muses were Vilhelmine and Edith.