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Our feelings have made of us brothers
and our hidden thoughts have a same set,
I do not believe there's one thing
on this earth we shall come to regret.
Whether we've done good or bad
we'll let our descendants decide:
as for now - let's go hand in hand,
onward, with confident stride.
In alien lands pain and hunger
have shadowed our path everywhere,
but we have shared them like brothers
and together, again, we shall share…
We'll share the reproaches of others,
the mocking of fools we'll bear -
we'll bear it, yet never give away
to one groan of human despair.
We shall not submit to the idols
of passion and wordy desire:
we've spoken our hearts already
to the sound of your pitying lyres…
Now onward, in feeling and thought
let you and me share our last faith:
let's keep to our reverent oath -
brother, let's go to our death.

© Hristo Botev