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Hristo Smirnenski

Born in September 17, 1898 / Died in June 18, 1923 / Bulgaria / Romanian

Hristo Smirnenski poet from Bulgaria was born on September 17, 1898, had 24 years and died on June 18, 1923. Poems were written mainly in Romanian language. Dominant movement is other.


Hristo Smirnenski (Bulgarian: ), born as Hristo Izmirliev, (September 29, 1898 - June 18, 1923) was a Bulgarian poet and prose writer. His hometown was Kukush in Macedonia, Ottoman Empire, (today Kilkis, Greece), which had militant traditions and an enterprising population. Hristo spent a happy childhood in a friendly and understanding patriarchal home. He was a free, witty and playful child with a vivid imagination and keen sense of humour. He wrote songs, stories about birds and animals and rhyming jokes.. Bulgarian poet and writer