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Ignaz Vincenz Zingerle

Born in June 6, 1825 / Died in September 17, 1892 / Austria / German

Ignaz Vincenz Zingerle poet from Austria was born on June 6, 1825, had 67 years and died on September 17, 1892. Poems were written mainly in German language. Dominant movement is other.


Ignaz Vincenz Zingerle (1825-1892), Austrian poet and scholar, was born, the son of the Roman Catholic theologian and orientalist Pius Zingerle (1801-1881), at Meran on the 6th of June 1825. He began his studies at Trento, and entered for a while the Benedictine monastery at Marienberg. Abandoning the clerical profession, he returned to Innsbruck, where, in 1848, he became teacher in the gymnasium, and in 1859 professor of German language and literature at the university. He died at Innsbruck in September 1892. ..