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Isaías Gamboa

Born in December 12, 1872 / Died in July 23, 1904 / Colombia / Spanish

Isaías Gamboa poet from Colombia was born on December 12, 1872, had 31 years and died on July 23, 1904. Poems were written mainly in Spanish language. Dominant movement is other.


Isaías Gamboa  was a Colombian poet and educator from Cali.

Isaiah was brought up in a traditional family consisting of Matthew Gamboa Vallecaucana Llanos and Teresa Herrera Córdoba, who instilled ideals of liberty and justice, ideals which would influence him as a writer. His childhood was developed among green landscapes Mameyal, a province located in the Hill of the Crystals, just outside of Cali and where would be inspired to set some of his works.

He attended elementary school in Santa Librada, founded by General Francisco de Paula Santander in 1822. Additionally received private lessons in grammar and literature from a teacher, Alcides Isaacs, brother of famous writer Jorge Isaacs, author of The Maria. He began his poetic career in high school writing love letters.