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Born in November 19, 1659 / Died in March 3, 1719 / France / French


Jacques Louis Valon, Marquis de Mimeure  was a French soldier and poet.

Menin to Louis, Dauphin of France (1661–1711), he entered on a military career and became lieutenant général. Louis XIV of France promoted the territory of Mimeure to a marquisate around 1697 for him.

He wrote many verses which were not printed. Backed by the François Louis de Bourbon-Conti, Madame de Montespan and Nicolas Boileau, he was elected to seat 3 of the Académie française on 2 December 1707. His acceptance speech is said to have been written by Antoine Houdar de la Motte. Valon's last known literary work is a 1715 ode in imitation of Horace. The rue de Mimeure in his birthplace is named after him.