The Funny Little fellow

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'Twas a Funny Little Fellow
  Of the very purest type,
For he had a heart as mellow
  As an apple over ripe;
And the brightest little twinkle
  When a funny thing occurred,
And the lightest little tinkle
  Of a laugh you ever heard!

His smile was like the glitter
  Of the sun in tropic lands,
And his talk a sweeter twitter
  Than the swallow understands;
Hear him sing--and tell a story--
  Snap a joke--ignite a pun,--
'Twas a capture--rapture--glory,
  An explosion--all in one!

Though he hadn't any money--
  That condiment which tends
To make a fellow "honey"
  For the palate of his friends;--
Sweet simples he compounded--
  Sovereign antidotes for sin
Or taint,--a faith unbounded
  That his friends were genuine.

He wasn't honored, maybe--
  For his songs of praise were slim,--
Yet I never knew a baby
  That wouldn't crow for him;
I never knew a mother
  But urged a kindly claim
Upon him as a brother,
  At the mention of his name.

The sick have ceased their sighing,
  And have even found the grace
Of a smile when they were dying
  As they looked upon his face;
And I've seen his eyes of laughter
  Melt in tears that only ran
As though, swift-dancing after,
  Came the Funny Little Man.

He laughed away the sorrow
  And he laughed away the gloom
We are all so prone to borrow
  From the darkness of the tomb;
And he laughed across the ocean
  Of a happy life, and passed,
With a laugh of glad emotion,
  Into Paradise at last.

And I think the Angels knew him,
  And had gathered to await
His coming, and run to him
  Through the widely opened Gate,
With their faces gleaming sunny
  For his laughter-loving sake,
And thinking, "What a funny
  Little Angel he will make!"

© James Whitcomb Riley