A Wedding Song

written by

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Come up the broad river, the Thames, my Dane,
  My Dane with the beautiful eyes!
Thousands and thousands await thee full fain,
  And talk of the wind and the skies.
Fear not from folk and from country to part,
  O, I swear it is wisely done:
For (I said) I will bear me by thee, sweetheart,
  As becometh my father’s son.

Great London was shouting as I went down.
  “She is worthy,” I said, “of this;
What shall I give who have promised a crown?
  O, first I will give her a kiss.”
So I kissed her and brought her, my Dane, my Dane,
  Through the waving wonderful crowd:
Thousands and thousands, they shouted amain,
  Like mighty thunders and loud.

And they said, “He is young, the lad we love,
  The heir of the Isles is young:
How we deem of his mother, and one gone above,
  Can neither be said nor sung.

“He brings us a pledge—­he will do his part
  With the best of his race and name;”—­
And I will, for I look to live, sweetheart,
  As may suit with my mother’s fame.

© Jean Ingelow