The measureless gulfs of air are full of Thee

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"In Him we live, and move, and have our being."

The measureless gulfs of air are full of Thee:
 Thou Art, and therefore hang the stars; they wait,
And swim, and shine in God who bade them be,
 And hold their sundering voids inviolate.

A God concern'd (veil'd in pure light) to bless,
 With sweet revealing of His love, the soul;
Toward things piteous, full of piteousness;
 The Cause, the Life, and the continuing Whole.

He is more present to all things He made
 Than anything unto itself can be;
Full-foliaged boughs of Eden could not shade
 Afford, since God was also 'neath the tree.

Thou knowest me altogether; I knew not
 Thy likeness till Thou mad'st it manifest.
There is no world but is Thy heaven; no spot
 Remote; Creation leans upon Thy breast.

Thou art beyond all stars, yet in my heart
 Wonderful whisperings hold Thy creature dumb;
I need no search afar; to me Thou art
 Father, Redeemer, and Renewer-come.

© Jean Ingelow