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Jean-Pons-Guillaume Viennet

Born in November 18, 1777 / Died in July 10, 1868 / France / French

Jean-Pons-Guillaume Viennet poet from France was born on November 18, 1777, had 90 years and died on July 10, 1868. Poems were written mainly in French language. Dominant movement is academy francaise.


Jean-Pons-Guillaume Viennet ( Béziers -  Le Val-Saint-Germain) was a French politician, playwright and poet. He was also a member of the Académie française and a prominent Freemason.

His long career as a soldier then a politician, playwright and poet lasted through political revolutions and literary wars, and is full of incident and travels. He had a talent for self-promotion within many regimes and got to know all political and literary dignitaries, all the while verging on impopularity - he said "I have counted up to 500 epigrams a year against me; anyone who escapes college to join a soap-opera thinks I should have his first kick". His name was like a red rag to a bull to Republicans and Romantics, but he avenged himself on his worst enemies by fables or epithets against them.

Viennet was the son of National Convention-member Jacques Joseph Viennet and nephew of the priest Louis Esprit Viennet who, aged 40, was made curate of the église Saint-Merri in Paris and who in the early phase of the French Revolution in 1790 preached a sermon on the civil constitution of the clergy.