In Romney Marsh

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As I went down to Dymchurch Wall,
 I heard the South sing o'er the land
I saw the yellow sunlight fall
 On knolls where Norman churches stand.

And ringing shrilly, taut and lithe,
 Within the wind a core of sound,
The wire from Romney town to Hythe
 Along its airy journey wound.

A veil of purple vapour flowed
 And trailed its fringe along the Straits;
The upper air like sapphire glowed:
 And roses filled Heaven's central gates.

Masts in the offing wagged their tops;
 The swinging waves pealed on the shore;
The saffron beach, all diamond drops
 And beads of surge, prolonged the roar.

As I came up from Dymchurch Wall,
 I saw above the Downs' low crest
The crimson brands of sunset fall,
 Flicker and fade from out the West.

Night sank: like flakes of silver fire
 The stars in one great shower came down;
Shrill blew the wind; and shrill the wire
 Rang out from Hythe to Romney town.

The darkly shining salt sea drops
 Streamed as the waves clashed on the shore;
The beach, with all its organ stops
 Pealing again, prolonged the roar.

© John Davidson