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Born in January 28, 1885 / Died in September 18, 1946 / Philippines / English


Julian Cruz Balmaceda (sometimes spelled as Balmaseda) was a Filipino poet, essayist, playwright, novelist, journalist and linguist. He made several works written in Tagalog, English and Spanish languages.

Early Life

Balmaceda was born on Orion, Bataan, Philippines. He attended Colegio de San Juan de Letran for college. Two years later, he finished law on Escuela de Derecho (School of Law) under the same college. When he was fourteen, his first written play entitled Sugat ng Puso (Broken Heart). His major play, Ang Piso ni Anita (Anita's One Peso Coin) won first place in a play writing contest sponsored by the Bureau of Posts. The play is all about thriftiness and was composed of three stages. ..