The Burial: In Memory of W.L.E.

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What task is this that so unnerves me now?
When pity should be dead, and has been dead.
Unloose that sheet from round the pierced brow;
What matter blood is seen, for blood is red,
And red’s the colour of the clammy earth.
Be not so solemn,-There’s no need to pray;
But, rather smile, - yea, laugh! If pure, thy mirth
Is right. He laughed himself but yesterday.
That pay-book? Take it from him. Ours a debt
No gold can ever pay. That cross of wood
About his neck? That must remain, and yet
He needs it no, because his heart was good.
We’ll house him ‘neath those broken shrubs; dig deep.
He’s tired. God knows, and needs a little sleep.

© Leon Gellert