Mind your Knitting

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Lucy! mind your knitting: Blind as I may be,I am certain you're not sitting At your work by me.--'Tis so hot this April weather.'-- Is it cooler whereYou and Robert sit together! You are idling there.Lucy! mind your knitting.

Lucy! mind your knitting: You have left your seat.Tell me where again you're flitting: Those are not your feet.--'Tis the cat that you hear moving.'-- You speak false to me:I'd like Robert better loving You more openly.Lucy! mind your knitting.

Lucy! mind your knitting; Lucy! have a fear:Some day Robert will be quitting-- Ah! she does not hear.These young folk will still be scorning All we old folk say;They will never heed our warning While their playmates stay.Lucy! mind your knitting.

© Linton William James