To a Spider

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Spider! Spider! hid from sightTill some hapless fly alight,What fore-thoughtful brain and eyeFashion'd thy web's nice symmetry?

In what distant deeps or skiesGrew those rare geometries?In what far-off home of fireForgèd was that slender wire?

And what cunning, what wise art,Stow'd all in so small a part,Prompt to weave and to repeat,And gave thee such nimble feet?

Not the stars, through myriad yearsTraveling in appointed spheres,Tell more surely of designThan that frail web's curious line.

What the hand and what the brainMade thee, and made not in vain?Did he smile thy craft to see?Did he who made the Fly make thee?

Spider! Spider! hanging lightOn thy web but seen dew-bright,What fore-thoughtful brain and eyeFramed that fearful symmetry?

© Linton William James