The Door of Hope

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The president has thus disclosed
In words his noblest plan:
"The door of hope shall not be closed
Upon the Negro man.

"His opportunities must be
With other men's the same;
As nation's chief I will not see
Him forced in ways of shame."

Official work he'd scarce begun
When from his lips did fall,
"A special right I give to none,
But equal rights to all.

"Square dealing for the soldiers true,
Who made this country grand;
But more than this no man is due,
And none shall less demand.

"I'm president of all the land,"
The broiling South was told.
"For truth and fight I mean to stand,
Such policy I hold."

When urged to crush the Negro race,
He answered with a zest,
"All men of worth shall have a place,
True manhood is the test.

"'Tis better all the people up,
Than keep a portion down,
You need, my friends, a loving cup,
Your prejudice to drown.

"The doors of hope are open wide
To all within the land,
With God forever on our side,
This sentiment will stand."

With spinal column stout and strong,
With arm that's made of steel,
He crushes prejudice and wrong,
And makes the demons reel.

To heal the nation's open sore
Of hatred for a race,
He wider swings the open door,
And bares the monsters face.

No president could stem the tide
Of opposition blind,
Since Lincoln for the Negro died,
Till Roosevelt we find.

Long may he live to bless the land
With truth and liberty,
Who for the right will take a stand
And set a nation free.

Then Roosevelt for nineteen four
Our president should be,
Who gives to all an open door
Of opportunity.

© Lizelia Augusta Jenkins Moorer