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Llukë Bogdani was an Albanian poet.Born near Prizren he studied in the Catholic school of Yanova (now Janjevo), joined the Austrian forces during the Great Turkish War under the guidance of his cousin Archbishop Pjetër Bogdani and died near Kaçanik (now Kačanik) in 1687. [1] An eight-line poem titled Pjetër Bogdanit, argjupeshkëpit Skupsë, kushërinit tim dashunit (Lit. To my dear cousin Pjetër Bogdani, Archbishop of Skopje) and written by Llukë Bogdani was published in the first version Cuneus Prophetarum in 1685.[2] While his authorship is undisputed, it is considered possibled that Pjetër Bogdani polished the verses. [3] In later versions of the work the poem was removed as it was considered laudatory, and thus religiously inappropriate.