Chingery Wangery Chan

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"In China there lived a little man,
  His name was Chingery Wangery Chan."

  "His legs were short, his feet were small,
  And this little man could not walk at all."

  "Chingery changery ri co day,
  Ekel tekel happy man;
  Uron odesko canty oh, oh,
  Gallopy wallopy China go."

  "Miss Ki Hi was short and squat,
  She had money and he had not
  So off to her he resolved to go,
  And play her a tune on his little banjo."

  "Whang fun li,
  Tang hua ki,
  Hong Kong do ra me!
  Ah sin lo,
  Pan to fo,
  Tsing up chin leute!"

  "Miss Ki Hi heard his notes of love,
  And held her wash-bowl up above
  It fell upon the little man,
  And this was the end of Chingery Chan,"

© Louisa May Alcott