Gul ko Mehboob

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gul ko mahbub main qayas kiya
farq nikla bahot jo bas kiya

dil ne ham ko misal-e-aina
ek alam se ru-shinas kiya

kuch nahin sujhta hamain us bin
shauq ne ham ko be-hawas kiya

subah tak shama sar ko dhunti rahi
kya patange ne iltemas kiya

Rat bher Shama'n Sir ko dhunti Rahi,
Kya patangay ne Iltamas Kya

aise wahshi kahan hain ae khuban
'Mir' ko tum ne abas udas kiya

English Translation.

I assumed the rose to be like my beloved,
But there was a huge difference between the two...the fragrance of my beloved was much superior to that of a rose.

My heart, like a mirror,
Introduced me to a verity of people.
(I have a mirror like reflecting heart, everyone sees his own reflection in my heart)

I cannot think but about my beloved all the time,
I have lost my senses because of my deep love thoughts.

The candle went burning its tip throughout the night,
What was the request made by the moth that it did so.

O! Lovely ones, Meer is not insane,
You made fun of him for nothing.

© Meer Taqi Meer