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Born in 1713 / Died in 1781 / India / Urdu


Mirza Muhammad Rafi 'Sauda' was one of the best known poets of Urdu language in Delhi, India. He is known for his Ghazals and Urdu Qasidas.

Early Life

His birth year has not been confirmed and in some publications, it is listed as A.H 1125 [1713-1714]. He was born and bought up in Delhi. Sauda, was a shia in personal life.

He inhabited Shahjahanabad (i.e. Old Delhi), during the reign of Muhammad Shah, 1150 A.H. i.e. 1739 A.D

Ustads and Shagrids

Sulaiman Kuli Khan (pen name: 'Wadad' / Vidad) was his first Ustad (teacher of Urdu poetry) and second time he chose Shah Hatim (pen name: 'Hatim'), who was a very famous Shayar (Urdu Poet) of his time.

King Shah Alam was Shagird (student of Urdu poetry) of 'Sauda', and gave him his poetry for correction.

He was a contemporary of Dard and Mir.

Movement from Delhi

At the age of sixty, he left Delhi and came to Farrukhabad and lived there from 1757 to about 1770. In A.H. 1185 [1771-72] he moved to court of Nawab of Awadh (then in Faizabad) and remained ther till his death. When Lucknow became state capital, he came there with Nawab Shujauddaula. He was also Ustad of Shujauddaulla. He got prize of Malkushshu'ara and prize money was Rupees Six Thounsand.


He died in at the age of almost 70 years, in A.H. 1195 [1780-81] in Lucknow.


He is recognized as a great qasidah poet, perhaps the greatest in Urdu. He was a major ghazal poet too. The soundest rock on which Sauda?s reputation rests today are his satires. ..