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Born in February 15, 1906 / Died in August 25, 1944 / Russian Federation / Russian


Musa Cälil (pronounced ; Arabic: ; Jaalif: Musa Çlil; Cyrillic: ; full name: Musa Mostafa uli Cälilev, Cyrillic: ; Russian: , , Musa Dzhalil, Musa Mustafovich Zalyalov, also anglicized as Mussa Jalil ; February 15, 1906 – August 25, 1944) was a Soviet Tatar poet and resistance fighter. He is the only poet of the Soviet Union who was simultaneously awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union award for his resistance fighting, and the Lenin Prize for authoring The Moabit Notebooks; both the awards were awarded to him posthumously.. Soviet Tatar poet and resistance fighter