Song for a Fishing Party near Burlington, on the Delaware, in 1776

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How sweet is the season, the sky how serene;On Delaware's banks how delightful the scene;The Prince of the Rivers, his waves all asleep,In silence majestic glides on to the Deep.

Away from the noise of the Fife and the Drum,And all the rude din of Bellona we come;And a plentiful store of good humor we bringTo season our feast in the shade of Cold Spring.

A truce then to all whig and tory debate;True lovers of Freedom, contention we hate:For the Demon of discord in vain tries his artTo possess or inflame a true Protestant heart.

True Protestant friends to fair Liberty's cause,To decorum, good order, religion and laws,From avarice, jealousy, perfidy, free;We wish all the world were as happy as we.

We have wants, we confess, but are free from the careOf those that abound, yet have nothing to spare:Serene as the sky, as the river serene,We are happy to want envy, malice and spleen.

While thousands around us, misled by a few,The Phantoms of pride and ambition pursue,With pity their fatal delusion we see;And wish all the world were as happy as we!

© Odell Jonathan