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Born in 43 BC / Died in 17 / Italy / English

Quotes by Ovid

How little is the promise of the child fulfilled in the man.
First thing every morning before you arise say out loud, 'I believe,' three times.
Fair peace becomes men; ferocious anger belongs to beasts.
The sharp thorn often produces delicate roses.
The gods behold all righteous actions.
Everyone's a millionaire where promises are concerned.
Everyone wishes that the man whom he fears would perish.
An anthill increases by accumulation. Medicine is consumed by distribution. That which is feared lessens by association. This is the thing to understand.
Use the occasion, for it passes swiftly.
What is without periods of rest will not endure.
Luck affects everything. Let your hook always be cast; in the stream where you least expect it there will be a fish.
The bold adventurer succeeds the best.
You will go most safely in the middle.
What is it that love does to a woman? Without she only sleeps; with it alone, she lives.
No man can purchase his virtue too dear, for it is the only thing whose value must ever increase with the price it has cost us. Our integrity is never worth so much as when we have parted with our all to keep it.
Ah me! Love can not be cured by herbs.
All love is vanquished by a succeeding love.