The Vow

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Every time you suffer disappointmentit makes me fall in love with you againbecause I almost cannot bear to seethe dumbstruck purity in your face benton figuring how or why you couldn't seeit coming. Maybe I could have fixed it whenthings were in the planning stage, but nowthat it's turned out so badly, you say, whatcan we do? I fall in love with the valenceof your chemistry rebalancing.

Valianceis an animal virtue I learn again as you vowwithout words but with a shading of your eyesoftening into an injured decision notto inhale again the fumes of society.Your eye is like the eye of a dogI met as a child. I felt it was aboutto speak to me the wisdom I would needfor my whole life, if only it would talk.Yet understanding nothing would be spokenmade me vow to pledge my life to it.

© Peacock Molly