Aien Aristeuein (Motto of St. Andrews University)

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Ever to be the best. To lead
  In whatsoever things are true;
  Not stand among the halting crew
  The faint of heart, the feeble-kneed,
  Who tarry for a certain sign
  To make them follow with the rest -
  Oh, let not their reproach be thine!
  But ever be the best.

  For want of this aspiring soul,
  Great deeds on earth remain undone,
  But, sharpened by the sight of one,
  Many shall press toward the goal,
  Thou running foremost of the throng,
  The fire of striving in thy breast,
  Shalt win, although the race be long,
  And ever be the best.

  And wilt thou question of the prize?
  'Tis not of silver or of gold,
  Nor in applauses manifold,
  But hidden in the heart it lies.
  To know that but for thee not one
  Had run the race or sought the quest,
  To know that thou hast ever done
  And ever been the best.

© Robert Fuller Murray