I Shall Never Love the Snow Again

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  I never shall love the snow again
  Since Maurice died:
  With corniced drift it blocked the lane,
  And sheeted in a desolate plain
  The country side.

  The trees with silvery rime bedight
  Their branches bare.
  By day no sun appeared; by night
  The hidden moon shed thievish light
  In the misty air.

  We fed the birds that flew around
  In flocks to be fed:
  No shelter in holly or brake they found,
  The speckled thrush on the frozen ground
  Lay frozen and dead.

  We skated on stream and pond; we cut
  The crinching snow
  To Doric temple or Arctic hut;
  We laughed and sang at nightfall, shut
  By the fireside glow.

  Yet grudged we our keen delights before
  Maurice should come.
  We said, "In-door or out-of-door
  We shall love life for a month or more,
  When he is home."

  They brought him home; 'twas two days late
  For Christmas Day:
  Wrapped in white, in solemn state,
  A flower in his hand, all still and straight
  Our Maurice lay.

  And two days ere the year outgave
  We laid him low.
  The best of us truly were not brave,
  When we laid Maurice down in his grave
  Under the snow.

© Robert Seymour Bridges