Flowers And Stars

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“Beloved! thou’rt gazing with thoughtful look
  On those flowers of brilliant hue,
Blushing in spring tide freshness and bloom,
  Glittering with diamond dew:
What dost thou read in each chalice fair,
  And what does each blossom say?
Do they not tell thee, my peerless one,
  Thou’rt lovelier far than they?”

“Not so—not so, but they whisper low
  That quickly will fade their bloom;
Soon will they withered lie on the sod,
  Ravished of all perfume;
They tell that youth and beauty below
  Are doomed, alas! to decay,
And I, like them, in life’s flower and prime
  May pass from this earth away.”

“Too sad thy thoughts! Look up at yon stars,
  That gleam in the sapphire skies;
Not clearer their radiance, best beloved,
  Than the light of thine own dark eyes!
With no thoughts of death or sad decay,
  Can they thy young spirit fill;
Through ages they’ve shone with changeless light,
  And yet they are shining still!”

“Ah! they bring before my spirit’s gaze
  Dreams of that home so blessed,
Where those who have served the Master well
  At length from their labors rest;
And do not chide if, despite all ties,
  Of close-clinging earthly love,
There are times when I turn a wistful glance
  To that distant home above.”

© Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon