The Sunset Thoughts Of A Dying Child

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Friends! do you see in yon sunset sky,
  That cloud of crimson bright?
Soon will its gorgeous colors die
  In coming dim twilight;
E’en now it fadeth ray by ray—
Like it I too shall pass away!

Look on yon fragile summer flower
  Yielding its sweet perfume;
Soon shall it have lived out its hour,
  Its beauty and its bloom:
Trampled, ’twill perish in the shade—
Alas! as quickly shall I fade.

Mark you yon planet gleaming clear
  With steadfast, gentle light,
See, heavy dark clouds hovering near,
  Have veiled its radiance bright—
As you vainly search that gloomy spot,
You’ll look for me and find me not!

Turn now to yonder sparkling stream,
  Where silver ripples play;
Dancing within the moon’s pale beam—
  Ah! short will be their stay,
They break and die upon the shore—
Like them I soon shall be no more!

Yes! emblems meet of my career,
  Are ripple, cloud, and flower;
Fated like me to linger here,
  But for a brief, bright hour—
And then, alas! to yield my place;
And leave, perchance, on earth no trace!

No trace, my friends, save in your hearts,
  That pure and sacred shrine—
Where, ’spite life’s thousand cares and arts,
  A place shall yet be mine;
And love as deep as that of yore—
Though on this earth we meet no more!

© Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon