Social Notes I, 1932

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"We see thee rise, O Canada, The true North, strong and free,(Tralala-lala, tralala-lala, etc. ...)

INatural Resources

Come and see the vast natural wealth of this mine.In the short space of ten yearsIt has produced six American millionairesAnd two thousand pauperized Canadian families.

IIThe New Philanthropy

This employer, who pays $9 a week for a ten-hour day,Is exceedingly concernedLes Mr. Bennett should adopt the dole,And so ruin the morale of the workers.

IIISummer Camp

Here is a lovely little campBuilt among Canadian hillsBy a Children's Welfare SocietyWhich is entirely supported by voluntary contributions.All summer long underprivileged children scamper about.And it is astonishing how quickly they look healthy and well.Two weeks here in the sun and airThrough the kindness of our charity subscribersWill be a wonderful help to the little totsWhen they return for a winter in the slums.

IVXmas Shopping

It is so nice for people to give things at ChristmasThat the stores stay open every evening till ten,And the shop-girls celebrate the coming of ChristBy standing on their feet fourteen hours a day.

VModern Medicine

Here is a marvellous new serum:Six injections and your pneumonia is cured.But at present a drug firm holds the monopolySo you must pay $14 a shot--or die.

This judge is busy sentencing criminalsOf whose upbringing and environment he is totally ignorant.His qualifications, however, are the highest--A college course in Arts,A technical training in law,Ten years practice at the Bar,And membership in the proper political party.Who should know better than heJust how many years in prisonAre needed to reform a slum-product,Or how many strokes of the lashWill pout an end to assaults on young girls?

VIILand of Opportunity

This young Polish peasant,Enticed to Canada by a CPR advertisementOf a glorified western homestead,Spent the best years of his lifeAnd every cent of his savingsTrying to make a living from Canadian soil.Finally broken by the slump in wheatHe drifted into the city, spent six months in a lousy refuge,Got involved in a Communist demonstration,And is now being deported by the Canadian governmentThis will teach these foreign redsThe sort of country they've come to.

VIIITreasure in Heaven

Many ecclesiasts and pious personsDraw dividends from this Power CorporationWhich underpays its workers and overcharges its consumers.Nevertheless the sayings of the Master are obeyed,For verily there is no rust on a Public Utility privately owned,And the moth doth not corrupt its Class A Preferred Stock.

"I believe in Canada.I love her as my home.I honour her institutions.I rejoice in the abundance of her resources. ...

To her products I pledge my patronage.And to the cause of her producersI pledge my devotion."

© Scott Francis Reginald