Astrophel and Stella: 11

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In truth, O Loue, with what a boyish kindThou doest proceed in thy most serious waies:That when the heau'n to thee his best displayes,Yet of that best thou leau'st the best behind.For like a child that some faire booke doth find,With guilded leaues or coloured Velum playes,Or at the most on some fine picture stayes,But neuer heeds the fruit of writers mind:So when thou saw'st in Natures cabinetStella, thou straight lookst babies in her eyes,In her cheekes pit thou didst thy pit-fould set:And in her breast bopeepe or couching lyes,Playing and shining in each outward part:But, foole, seek'st not to get into her hart.

© Sir Philip Sidney