Astrophel and Stella: 38

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This night while sleepe begins with heauy wingsTo hatch mine eyes, and that vnbited thoughtDoth fall to stray, and my chiefe powers are broughtTo leaue the scepter of all subject things.The first that straight my fancies error bringsVnto my minde, is Stellas image, wroughtBy Loues owne selfe, but with so curious drought,That she, me thinks, not only shines but sings.I start, looke, harke, but what in clos'de vp senseWas held, in opened sense it flies away,Leauing me nought but wailing eloquence:I seeing better sights in sights decay,Cal'd it anew, and wooed sleepe againe:But him her hoast that vnkinde guest had slaine.

© Sir Philip Sidney