Astrophel and Stella: 52

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A strife is growne betweene Vertue and Loue,While each pretends that Stella must be his:Her eyes, her lips, her all, saith Loue do this,Since they do weare his badge, most firmely prooue.But Vertue thus that title doth disproue,That Stella (O deare name) that Stella isThat vertuous soule, sure heir of heau'nly blisse:Not this faire outside, which our hearts doth moue.And therefore, though her beautie and her graceBe Loues indeed, in Stellas selfe he mayBy no pretence claime any maner place.Well Loue, since this demurre our sute doth stay,Let Vertue haue that Stellas selfe; yet thus,That Vertue but that body graunt to vs.

© Sir Philip Sidney