Astrophel and Stella: 54

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Because I breath not loue to euerie one,Nor do not vse set colours for to weare,Nor nourish speciall lockes of vowed haire,Nor giue each speech a full poynt of a grone,The courtly Nymphs, acquainted with the moneOf them, who in their lips Loues standerd beare;What he? say they of me, now I dare sweare,He cannot loue: no, no, let him alone.And thinke so still, so Stella know my mind,Professe indeed I do not Cupids art;But you faire maides, at length this true shall find,That his right badge is but worne in the hart:Dumbe Swannes, not chattring Pies, do louers proue,They loue indeed, who quake to say they loue.

© Sir Philip Sidney