Astrophel and Stella: 9

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Queene Vertues court, which some call Stellas face;Prepar'd by Natures choisest furniture,Hath his front built of Alabaster pure;Gold is the couering of that stately place.The doore by which sometimes comes forth her Grace,Red Porphyre is, which lock of pearle makes sure:Whose porches rich (which name of cheekes endure)Marble mixt red and white do enterlace.The windowes now through which this heau'nly guestLooks ouer the world, and can find nothing such,Which dare claime from those lights the name of best,Of touch they are that without touch doth touch,Which Cupids selfe from Beauties mind did draw:Of touch they are, and poore I am their straw.

© Sir Philip Sidney