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Born in August 15, 1771 / Died in September 21, 1832 / United Kingdom / English

Quotes by Sir Walter Scott

If you once turn on your side after the hour at which you ought to rise, it is all over. Bolt up at once.
What I have to say is far more important than how long my eyelashes are.
O! many a shaft, at random sent, Finds mark the archer little meant! And many a word, at random spoken, May soothe or wound a heart that's broken!
Adversity is, to me at least, a tonic and a bracer.
Each age has deemed the new-born year the fittest time for festal cheer.
I can give you a six-word formula for success: "Think things through - then follow through."
One hour of life, crowded to the full with glorious action, and filled with noble risks, is worth whole years of those mean observances of paltry decorum, in which men steal through existence, like sluggish waters through a marsh, without either honor or observation.
Look back, and smile on perils past.
It is wonderful what strength of purpose and boldness and energy of will are roused by the assurance that we are doing our duty.
The half hour between waking and rising has all my life proved propitious to any task which was exercising my invention... It was always when I first opened my eyes that the desired ideas thronged upon me.
He is the best sailor who can steer within fewest points of the wind, and exact a motive power out of the greatest obstacles.
O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!
But with morning cool repentance came.
Love rules the court, the camp, the grove, And men below, and saints above: For love is heaven, and heaven is love.
Many miles away there's a shadow on the door of a cottage on the Shore of a dark Scottish lake.
Of all vices, drinking is the most incompatible with greatness.
Faces that have charmed us the most escape us the soonest.
One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name.
When thinking about companions gone, we feel ourselves doubly alone.
Sound, sound the clarion, fill the fife! To all the sensual world proclaim. One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name.
Mary, I believed thee true, And I was blest in thus believing; But now I mourn that ever I knew A girl so fair and so deceiving.
Discretion is the perfection of reason, and a guide to us in all the duties of life.
For success, attitude is equally as important as ability.
We build statues out of snow, and weep to see them melt.
Unless a tree has borne blossoms in spring, you will vainly look for fruit on it in autumn.