The Pastime of Pleasure: Of dysposycyon the II. parte of rethoryke - (til line 3017)

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How la bell pucell graunted Graunde Amoure loue / and of her dyspytous departyoge. Ca. xix.

2241 Your wo & payne / & all your languysshynge
2242 Contynually / ye shall not spende in vayne
2243 Sythen I am cause / of your grete mornynge
2244 Nothynge exyle you / shall I by dysdayae
2245 Your hert and myne / shall neuer parte in twayne
2246 Thoughe at the fyrste / I wolde not condescende
2247 It was for fere / ye dyde some yll entende

2248 With thought of yll / my mynde was neuer myxte
2249 To you madame / but alwaye clene and pure
2250 Both daye and nyght / vpon you hole perfyxte
2251 But I my mynde / yet durst nothynge dyscure
2252 How for your sake / I dyde suche wo endure
2253 Tyll now this houre / with dredefull hert so faynt
2254 To you swete herte / I haue made my complaynt
2255 I demed ofte you loued me before
2256 By your demenour / I dyde it aspye
2257 And in my mynde I Iuged euermore
2258 That at the laste / ye welde full secretly
2259 Tell me your mynde / of loue ryght gentylly
2260 As ye haue done / so my mercy to craue
2261 In all worshyppe / you shall my true loue haue

2262 O lorde god than / how Ioyfull was I
2263 She loked on me / with louely countenaunce
2264 I kyst her ones or twyes ryght swetely
2265 Her depured vysake / replete with pleasaunce
2266 Reioyced my herte / with amerous purueyaunce
2267 O lady clere / that perste me at the rote
2268 O floure of conforte / all my hele and bote
2269 O gemme of vertue / and lady excellent
2270 Aboue all other / in beauteous goodlynesse
2271 O eyen bryght / os sterre refullgenr
2272 O profounde cause / of all my sekenesse
2273 Now all my Ioye / and all my gladnesse
2274 Wolde god that we were / Ioyned in one
2275 In maryage before / this daye were gone

2276 A a sayde she / ye must take payne a whyle
2277 I must departe / by the compulcyon
2278 Of my frendes I wyll not you begyle
2279 Though they me lede / to a ferre nacyon
2280 My herte shall be / without varyacyon
2281 With you present / in perfyte sykernesse
2282 As true and stable / without doublenes
2283 To me to come / is harde and daungerous
2284 Whan I am there / for gyauntes vgly
2285 With monstres also / blacke and tedyous
2286 That by the waye / awayte full cruelly
2287 For to dystroye you / yll and vtterly
2284a Whan I am there / for gyauntes vgly
2285b With two monstres / also blacke and tedyous
2286c That by the waye / awayte full cruelly
2287d For to destroye you / yll and vtterly
2288 Whan you that waye / do take the passage
2289 To attayne my loue / by hye aduauntage

2290 All that madame / was to me certyfyde
2291 By good dame fame / at the begynnynge
2292 Whan she to me / of you well notyfyde
2293 As she came frome / the toure of lernynge
2294 Of all suche enemyes / the myght excludynge
2295 I promyse vnto you / here full faythfully
2296 Whan I departe / ftome dame astronomy
2297 That I wyll to the toure of chyualry
2298 And for youre sake / become aduenturous
2299 To subdue / all enmyes / to me contrary
2300 That I maye after / be ryght Ioyous
2301 With you my lady / most swete and precyous
2302 Wo worth the cause of youre departynge
2303 Whiche all my sorowes / is in renuynge
2304 Alas what pleasure / and eke without dysporte
2305 Shall I now haue / whan that be gone
2306 Ha ha truely / now without good conforte
2307 My dolorous herte / shall be lefte alone
2308 Without your presence / to me is none
2309 For euery houre / I shall thynke a yere
2310 Tyll fortune brynge me / vnto you more nere
2311 Yet after you / I wyll not be ryght longe
2312 But hast me after / as fast as I maye
2313 In the toure of chyualry / I shall make me stronge
2314 And after that passe / shortly on my waye
2315 With dylygent laboure / on my Iourney
2316 Spyte of your enemyes / I shall me so spede
2317 That in short tyme / ye maye rewarde my mede
2318 I thanke you quod she / with my hert entere
2319 But yet with me / ye shall make couenaunt
2320 As I to you / am ryght lefe and dere
2321 Vnto no persone / ye shall so aduaunte
2322 That I to loue you / am so attendaunte
2323 For ony thynge / your councell not bewraye
2324 For that full soone / myght vs both betraye
2325 And to tell me / I praye you hertly
2326 Yonder is counseyle / how were ye acquaynted
2327 He is both honest / and true certaynly
2328 Doth he not knowe / how your herte is faynted
2329 With feruent loue / so surely attaynted
2330 Yf he so do / yet I nothynge repent
2331 He is so secrete / and true of entent
2332 Truely madame / bycause ye are content
2333 I shall you tell / how the mater was
2334 Whan that youre beaute / clerely splendent
2335 In to my herte / full wonderly dyde pas
2336 Lyke as fayre Phebus / doth shyne in the glas
2337 All alone / with inwarde care so rent
2338 In to a temple forth on my waye I went
2339 Where that I walked / plunged in the pytte
2340 Of grete dyspayre / and he than me mette
2341 Alas he sayde / me thynke ye lose your wytte
2342 Tell me the trouthe now / without ony lette
2343 Why ye demeane / suche mortall sorowe grette
2344 A voyde quod I / you shall nothynge it knowe
2345 You can not helpe me / in the case I trowe
2346 But he suche reason / and fruytfull sentence
2347 Dyde for hym laye / that I tolde hym all
2348 Whan he it knewe / with all his dylygence
2349 He dyde me conforte / than in specyall
2350 Vnto my mynde / he bad me to call
2351 Who spareth to speke / he to spede doth spare
2352 Go tell your lady / the cause of youre care
2353 By whose counseyle / grounded in wysdome
2354 To the entent / I shoulde spede the better
2355 And ryght shortly / I dyde than to you come
2356 But drede alwaye / made my sorowe greter
2357 After grete payne / the Ioyes is the swetter
2358 For who that tasteth paynfull bytternes
2359 The Ioye to hym / is double swetenes
2360 And ther with all / I dyde vnto her brynge
2361 Councell my frende / and full ryght meke
2362 Dyde hym receyue / as he was comynge
2363 And of all thynges / she dyde hym beseke
2364 After her partynge / the same weke
2365 To hast me forwarde / to my Iourneys ende
2366 Therto quod I / I do well condyscende
2367 Fare well quod she / I maye no lenger tary
2368 My feendes wyll come / of that were I lothe
2369 I shall retayne you in my memory
2370 And they it knewe / they wolde with me be wrothe
2371 To loue you best / I promyse you my trouthe
2372 And than myne eyen / grete sorowe shewed
2373 With teres salte / my chekes were endewed
2374 Her eyes graye / began to loke ryght reed
2375 Her gaye whyte colour / began for to pale
2376 Upon her chekes / so the droppes were sprede
2377 Whiche frome her eyen / began to aduale
2378 Frome her swete herte / she dyde the syghes hale
2379 Neuer before / as I trowe and wene
2380 Was suche departynge / true louers betwene
2381 We wyped our chekes / our sorowe to cloke
2382 Outwardly faynynge / vs to be gladde and mery
2383 That the people / shoulde not perceyue the smoke
2384 Of our hote fyre / to lyght the emyspery
2385 Thoughe inwardly / with a stormy pery
2386 The fyre was blowen / yet we dyde it couer
2387 Bycause abrode / it shoulde nothynge perceyuer
2388 Out of the garden / to an hauen syde
2389 Forth we went / where was a shyp ryght large
2390 That taryed there / after the floynge tyde
2391 And so than dyde there / many a bote and barge
2392 The shyp was grete / fyue .C. tonne to charge
2393 La bell pucell / ryght anone me tolde
2394 In yondre shyp / whiche that ye beholde
2395 Forthe must I sayle / without longer delaye
2396 It is full see / my frendes wyll come soone
2397 Therfore I praye you / to go hens your waye
2398 It draweth fast / now towarde the none
2399 Madame quod I / your pleasure shall be done
2400 With wofull herte / and grete syghes ofte
2401 I kyssed her lyppes / that were swete and softe
2402 She vnto me / nor I vnto her coude speke
2403 And as of that / it was no grete wondre
2404 Our hertes swelled / as that they shoulde brede
2405 The fyre of loue / was so sore kepte vnder
2406 Whan I frome her / shoulde departe asondre
2407 With her fayre heed / she dyde lowe enclyne
2408 And in lykewyse / so dyde I with myne

Of the grete sorowe that graunde Amoure made after her depatynge / and of the wordes of counceyle. Capitulo. xx.

Her frendes and she / on theyr waye they sayled
2410 Alonge the hauen / god them saue and brynge
2411 Vnto the londe / I herde whan that they hayled
2412 With a grete peale / of gunnes at theyr departynge
2413 The meruaylous toure / of famous cunnynge
2414 No gunne was shotte / but my herte dyde wepe
2415 For her departynge / with wofull teres depe
2416 Councell me comforted / as euer he myght
2417 With many storyes / of olde antyquyte
2418 Remembre he sayde / that neuer yet was wyght
2419 That lyued alwaye / in grete tranquylyte
2420 But that hym happed / some aduersyte
2421 Than after that / whan the payne was paste
2422 The double Ioye / dyde comforte them at last
2423 Ye nede nothynge / for to make grete dolour
2424 Fortune to you / hath ben ryghte fauourable
2425 Makynge you / to attayne the good fauour
2426 Of your lady / so swete and amyable
2427 No doubte it is / she is true and stable
2428 And demeane you so / that in no wyse
2429 No man perceyue / or of youre loue surmyse
2430 Be hardy / fyers / and also coragyous
2431 In all youre batayles / without febenes
2432 For ye shall be / ryght well vyctoryous
2433 Of all youre enmyes / so full of subtylnes
2434 Arme you with wysdome / for more surenes
2435 Let wysdome werke / for she can stedfasty
2436 In tyme of nede / resyste the contrary
2437 Was neuer man / yet surely at the bayte
2438 With sapyence / but that he dyde repent
2439 Who that is ruled / by her hygh estate
2440 Of his after wytte / shall neuer be shent
2441 She is to man ryght benyuolent
2442 With walles sure / she doth hym fortyfye
2443 Whan it is nede / to resyste a contrary
2444 Was neuer place / where as she dyde guyde
2445 With enmyes / brought to destruccyon
2446 A remedy / she can so well prouyde
2447 To her hygh werke / is no comparyson
2448 It hath so stronge / and sure fundacyon
2449 Nothynge there is / that can it molyfy
2450 So sure it is / agaynst a contrary
2451 Of her alwayes / it is the perfyte guyse
2452 To begynne nothynge of mutabylyte
2453 As is the warre / whiche maye soone aryse
2454 And wyll not downe / it maye so stourdy be
2455 The begynner oft / hath the inyquyte
2456 Whan he began / wysdome dyde reply
2457 In his grete nede / to resyste the contrary
2458 The myghty pryant / somtyme kynge of Troye
2459 With all his Cyte / so well fortyfyed
2460 Lytell regarded / all his welthe and Ioye
2461 Without wysdome / truely exemplyfyed
2462 His propre deth / hymselfe he nutryfyde
2463 Agaynst his warre / wysdome dyde reply
2464 At his grete nede / to resyst the contrary
2465 And where that wysdome / ruleth hardynes
2466 Hardynes than is / euer inuyncyble
2467 There maye nothynge / it vaynquysshe or oppres
2468 For prudence is / so well intellygyble
2469 To her there is / nothynge impossyble
2470 Her grounded werke / is made so perfytely
2471 That it must nedes / resyste the contrary
2472 To wofull creatures / she is goodly leche
2473 With her good syster / called pacyence
2474 To the toure of Ioye / she doth them tell weche
2475 In the waye of hope without resystence
2476 Who to her lyst / to applye his dylygence
2477 She wyll hym brynge / to worshyp shortly
2478 That he shall well resyste the contrary
2479 Ryght so let wysdome / youre sorowe surrende
2480 And hye you fast / vnto dame geometry
2481 And let no thought / in youre herte engendre
2482 But after this / speke to Astronomye
2483 And so frome thens / to the toure of chyualry
2484 Wher of the worthy kynge Melyzyus
2485 You shall be made / soone knyght aduenturous
2486 And fare you well / for I must frome you go
2487 To other louers / whiche are in dyspayre
2488 As I dyde you / to confort them also
2489 It is grete nede / that I to them repayre
2490 Habundant teres / theyr hertes do refleyre
2491 Farewell quod I / my good frende so true
2492 I wolde with me / ye myght alwaye ensue
2493 Then agayne / I went to the toure melodyous
2494 Of good dame musyke / my leue for to take
2495 And pryuely / with these wordes dolorous
2496 I sayde o toure / thou mayst well aslake
2497 Suche melody now / in the more to make
2498 The gemme is goone / of all famous porte
2499 That was chefe cause / of the grete conforte
2500 Whylome thou was / the fayre toure of lyght
2501 But now thou arte replete with derkenes
2502 She is now gone / that shone in the so bryght
2503 Thou was some tyme the toure of gladnes
2504 Now mayst thou be the toure of heuynes
2505 For the chefe is gone of all thy melody
2506 Whose beauty clere made moost swete armony
2507 The fayre carbuncle so full of clerenes
2508 That in the truely dyde moost purely shyne
2509 The perle of pyte replete with swetenes
2510 The gentyll gyllofer the goodly columbyne
2511 The redolente plant of the dulcet vyne
2512 The dede aromatyke may no more ensence
2513 For she is so ferre out of thy presence
2514 A / A truely in the tyme so past
2515 Myne erande was the often for to se
2516 Now for to entre I may be agast
2517 Whan thou arte hens the sterre of beaute
2518 For all my delyte was to beholde the
2519 A toure / toure all my Ioye is gone
2520 In the to entre conforte is there none
2521 So then inwardly my selfe bewaylynge
2522 In the toure I wente in to the habytacle
2523 Of dame musyke where she was syngynge
2524 The ballades swete in her fayre tabernacle
2525 Alas thought I this is no spectacle
2526 To fede myn eyen whiche are now all blynde
2527 She is not here that I was wonte to fynde
2528 Than of dame musyke with all lowlynes
2529 I dyde take my leue withouten taryenge
2530 She thanked me with all her mekenes
2531 And all alone fourth I went musynge
2532 A / A quod I my loue and lykynge
2533 Is nowe ferre hens on whome my hole delyght
2534 Dayly was sette vpon her to haue syght
2535 Fare well swete herte / fare well / farwell / fare well
2536 Adieu / adieu I wolde I were you by
2537 God gyue me grace with you soone to dwell
2538 Lyke as I dyde for to se you dayly
2539 Your lowly chere and gentyll company
2540 Reioysed my herte with fode moost delycate
2541 Myn eyen to se you were insacyate
2542 Now good swete herte my lady and maystresse
2543 I recommaunde me vnto your pyte
2544 Besechynge you with all my gentylnesse
2545 Yet other whyle to thynke vpon me
2546 What payne I suffre by grete extremyte
2547 And to pardone me of my rude wrytynge
2548 For with wofull herte was myne endytynge.

How Graunde amoure wente to geometry / & what geometry is. Ca. xxi.

So forth I went vpon a craggy roche
2550 Vnto the toure moost wonderfully wrought
2551 Of geometry / and as I dyde approche
2552 The altytude all in my mynde I sought
2553 Syxe hondreth fote as I by nombre thought
2554 Quadrant it was and dyde heue and sette
2555 At euery storme whan the wynde was grette
2556 Thus at the last I came into an halle
2557 Hanged with aras ryche and precyous
2558 And euery wyndowe glased with crystalle
2559 Lyke a place of pleasure moche solacyous
2560 With knottes sexangled gay and gloryous
2561 The rose dyde hange ryght hygh and plesauntly
2562 By geometry made ryght well and craftely
2563 In this meruaylous hall replete with rychesse
2564 At the hye ende she satte full worthely
2565 I came anone vnto her grete nobles
2566 And kneled adowne before her mekely
2567 Madame I sayd ye werke full ryally
2568 I beseche you with all my dylygence
2569 To instructe me in your wonderfull scyence
2570 My scyence sayd she it is moost profytable
2571 Vnto astronomy for I do it mesure
2572 In euery thynge as it is probable
2573 For I myselfe can ryght well dyscure
2574 Of euery sterre whiche is sene in vre
2575 The meruaylous gretenes by my mesurynge
2576 For god made all at the begynnynge
2577 By good mesurynge bothe the heyght and depnes
2578 Of euery thynge as I vnderstande
2579 The length and brede with all the gretnes
2580 Of the fyrmamente so compassynge the londe
2581 And who my cunnynge lyst to take in honde
2582 In his emyspery of hye or lowe degre
2583 Nothynge there is but it may mesure be
2584 Though that it be frome vs hye and ferre
2585 Yf ony thynge fall we may it truly se
2586 As the sonne or moone or ony other sterre
2587 We may therof knowe well the quantyte
2588 Who of this syence dooth knowe the certaynte
2589 All maystryes myghte mesure parfytely
2590 For geometry dooth shewe it openly
2591 Where that is mesure / there is no lackynge
2592 Where that is mesure / hole is the body
2593 Where that is mesure / good is the lyuynge
2594 Where that is mesure / wysedome is truely
2595 Where that is mesure / werke is dyrectly
2596 Where that is mesure / natures werkynge
2597 Nature encreaseth by ryght good knowlegynge
2598 Where lakketh mesure / there is no plente
2599 Where lakketh mesure / seke is the courage
2600 Where lakketh mesure / there is iniquyte
2601 Where lakketh mesure / there is grete outrage
2602 Where lakketh mesure / is none aduauntage
2603 Where lakketh mesure / there is grete glotony
2604 Where lakketh mesure / is moost vnhappy
2605 For there is no hye nor grete estate
2606 Withoute mesure can kepe his dygnyte
2607 It doth preserue hym both erly and late
2608 Kepynge hym frome the pytte of pouerte
2609 Mesure is moderate to all bounte
2610 Gretely nedefull for to take the charge
2611 Man for to rule that he go not at large
2612 Who loueth mesure can not do amys
2613 So perfytely is the hygh operacyon
2614 Amonge all thynges so wonderfull it is
2615 That it is full of all delectacyon
2616 And to vertue hath inclynacyon
2617 Mesure also dooth well exemplefye
2618 The hasty dome to swage and modefye
2619 Without mesure / wo worthe the Iugement
2620 Without mesure / wo worth the temperaunce
2621 Without mesure / wo worth the punysshement
2622 Without mesure / wo worthe the purueyaunce
2623 Without mesure / wo worthe the sustenaunce
2624 Without mesure / wo worth the sadnes
2625 And without mesure / wo worthhe the gladnes
2626 Mesure / mesurynge / mesuratly taketh
2627 Mesure / mesurynge / mesuratly dooth all
2628 Mesure / mesurynge / mesuratly maketh
2629 Mesure / mesurynge / mesuratly guyde shall
2630 Mesure / mesurynge / mesuratly dooth call
2631 Mesure / mesurynge / to ryght hye preemynence
2632 For alway / mesure is groundc of excellence
2633 Mesure / mesureth / mesure / in effecte
2634 Mesure / mesureth / euery quantyte
2635 Mesure / mesureth / all way the aspecte
2636 Mesure / mesureth / all in certayne
2637 Mesure / mesureth / in the stabylyte
2638 Mesure / mesureth / in euery doutfull case
2639 And mesure is the lodesterre of all grace
2640 Affecte of mesure is longe contynuaunce
2641 Quantyte without mesure is nought
2642 Aspecte of mesure deuoydeth repentaunce
2643 Certayne wolde weye all thynges thought
2644 Stabylyte vpon a perfyte grounde is wrought
2645 Cace doutfull may yet a whyle abyde
2646 Grace may in space a remedy prouyde
2647 Countenaunce causeth the promocyon
2648 Nought auayleth seruyse without attendaunce
2649 Repentaunce is after all abusyon
2650 Thought afore wolde haue had perceueraunce
2651 Wrought how sholde be by dede the myschaunce
2652 Abyde nothynge tyll thou do the dede
2653 Prouyde in mynde how thou mayst haue mede
2654 Promocyon groweth after good gouernaunce
2655 Attendaunce doth attayne good fauoure
2656 Abusyon is causer of all varyaunce
2657 Perceyueraunce causeth the grete honoure
2658 Myschaunce alway is rote of doloure
2659 Dede done can not be called agayne
2660 Mede well rewarded bothe with Ioye and payne
2661 Than I toke my leue and went frome geometry
2662 Towarde astronomye as fast as I myght
2663 For all my mynde was sette ryght inwardly
2664 Vpon my lady that was fayre and bryght
2665 My herte with her was bothe day and nyght
2666 She had it locked with a lokke so sure
2667 It was her owne she had therof the cure.

Of dame astronomy. Ca. xxii.

Than forthe I wente into a medowe grene
2669 With flora paynted in many a sondry coloure
2670 Lyke a gay goddesse of all floures the quene
2671 She encensed out her aromatyke odoure
2672 The brethe of zepherus encreased the floure
2673 A myddes the medow fayre resplendysshaunt
2674 Was a pauylyon ryght hye and quadraunt
2675 Of grene sarcenet bordred with golde
2676 Where in dyde hange a fayre astrologye
2677 Whiche ofte astronomye dyde full well beholde
2678 Vnto whome than I came full shortly
2679 And kneled a downe before her mekely
2680 Besechynge her of her grete gentylnes
2681 Of her scyence to shewe the perfytenes
2682 My scyence sayd she it is ryght resonable
2683 And is the last of the scyences feuē
2684 Vnto man it is also ryght profytable
2685 Shewynge the course aboue of the heuen
2686 Ryght merueylous for ony man to neuen
2687 Who knewe astronomy at euery maner season
2688 Myght set in order euery thynge by reason
2689 Also the other .vi. scyences lyberall
2690 By astronomy pryncypally were sounde
2691 And one were lost they were vaynysshed all
2692 Eche vpon other hath so sure a grounde
2693 In all the worlde that is so wyde and rounde
2694 Is none so wyse that can them multeply
2695 Nor knowe them all ryght well and surely
2696 The hye astronomyer that is god omnypotent
2697 That the fyrst day deuyded all the lyght
2698 Frome the derkenes with his wyll prepotente
2699 And the seconde day with his excellent myght
2700 The waters aboue he dyde deuyde aryght
2701 Frome the erthely waters whiche are inferyall
2702 The thyrde daye / herbes and fruytes in specyall
2703 In erthe he planted for to haue theyr lyfe
2704 By dyuers vertues and sundry growynge
2705 So to contynue and be vegytatyfe
2706 And the thyrde day he sette in werkynge
2707 The bodyes aboue to haue theyr mouynge
2708 In the .xii. sygnes themselfe to domyfy
2709 Some rethrogarde / and some dyrectly
2710 The fyfth day he dyde fysshes make
2711 In the see the grete stormy flode
2712 To and fro theyr courses for to take
2713 And in the water for to haue theyr fode
2714 Lyke to the same colde alway theyr blode
2715 The .vi. day bestes with foules sensatyue
2716 And man also with soule intellectyue
2717 The seuenth day he rested of his werke
2718 Nothynge constrayned as of werynes
2719 As wryteth many a ryght famous clerke
2720 But that he had acomplysshe doutles
2721 His purpensed purpose by infynyte prowes
2722 As to vs doth moost playnely dyscure
2723 The perfyte grounde of holy scrypture
2724 Thus god hymselfe is chyef astronomyer
2725 That made all thynge accordynge to his wyll
2726 The sonne the mone and euery lytell sterre
2727 To a good intente and for no maner of yll
2728 Withouten vayne he dyde all thynge fulfyll
2729 As astronomy doth make apparaunce
2730 By reason he weyed all thynges in balaunce.

Of the derecte operacyons of nature. Ca. xxiii.

And for asmoche that he made nature
2732 Fyrst of all to haue domynacyon
2733 The power of her I shall anone dyscure
2734 How that she taketh her operacyon
2735 And wher vpon is her foundacyon
2736 In symple and rude opprest with neclygence
2737 Shall dyscryue the myght of her preemynence
2738 For though that aungell be inuysyble
2739 In palpable and also celestyall
2740 Withouten substaunce as incencyble
2741 Yet haue they nature whiche is angelycall
2742 For nature / naturynge / naturate made all
2743 Heuen and erthe and the bodyes aboue
2744 By course of nature for to werke and moue
2745 On man or beest without ony mys
2746 She werketh dyrectly after the aspecte
2747 Of the mater be it more or lesse ywys
2748 And doth therof the hole fourme dyrecte
2749 After the qualyte it doth take effecte
2750 Yf there be more than may one suffyse
2751 A bye membre she wyll than more deuyse
2752 As that in vre ye may it dayly se
2753 Vpon one hande some hath thombes twayne
2754 And other also somtyme armes thre
2755 The superfluyte is cause therof certayne
2756 Whiche that dame nature dooth constrayne
2757 So for to do for she leseth noughte
2758 Of the mater but hath it hooly wroughte
2759 And in lykewyse where is not suffycyent
2760 Of the mater for the hole formacyon
2761 There lacketh a membre by grete impedyment
2762 So that there can be no perfyte facyon
2763 As may be Iuged by perfyte reason
2764 After the qualyte of thy mater lackynge
2765 So lacketh they of natures fourmynge
2766 Some lacketh a legge / some an arme also
2767 Some a fynger / and some more or lesse
2768 All these causes with many other mo
2769 Nature Werketh so dyrectly doutles
2770 Vp on the mater as I do expresse
2771 After the qualyte in many a sondry wyse
2772 The kynde of her we ought nothynge despyse
2773 Some be fayre and replete with grace
2774 Some be fayre and yet ryghte vnhappy
2775 Some be foule and can sone purchace
2776 Landes and possessyons to them shortly
2777 Some be fooles and some be ryght wytty
2778 Where vpon I shall shewe a dyfference
2779 Of the .v. wyttes by good experyence.

Of the fyue Interyall wyttes. Ca. xxiiij.

The eyen / the eres and also the nose
2781 The mouth & hādes inwarde wyttes are none
2782 But outwarde offyces as ye may suppose
2783 To the inwarde wyttes whiche do Iuge alone
2784 For vnto theym all thynges haue gone
2785 By these outwarde gates to haue the knowlegynge
2786 By the inwarde wyttes to haue decernynge
2787 These are the fyue wyttes remenynge inwardy
2788 Fyrst comyn wytte / and than ymagynacyon
2789 Fantasy and / estymacyon truely
2790 And memory as I make narracyon
2791 Eche vpon other hath occupacyon
2792 Fyrst the comyn wytte vnto the front aplyde
2793 Doth thynke decerne / it may not be denyde
2794 Of the eyen the offyce onely is the syght
2795 To se the fayre the lowe or altytude
2796 The whyte or blacke / the heuy or the lyght
2797 The lytell or grete / the weyke / or fortytude
2798 The vgly fauoure or yet the pulcrytude
2799 This is the vse of the eyene intere
2800 To se all thynges whiche may well appere
2801 But of themselfe they can decerne nothynge
2802 One frome an other / but the comyn wytte
2803 Decerueth colours by spyrytuall connynge
2804 To the fyue inwarde wyttes it is so well knytte
2805 Nothynge is sene but it doth iuge it
2806 It dooth decerne the god frome badnes
2807 The hye the lowe / the foule the fayrnes
2808 The nose also euery ayre doth smell
2809 But yet it hath nothynge auctoryte
2810 Yf it be swete for to Iuge and tell
2811 But the comyn wytte dooth it in certaynte
2812 Decernynge sauours in euery degre
2813 Knowynge the swete ayre frome the stynkynge
2814 Whan that the nose therof hath smellynge
2815 The eres also ryght well gyue audyence
2816 Vnto a tale herynge it ryght perfytely
2817 But they can not decerne the sentence
2818 To knowe where vpon it doth so ratyfy
2819 Vpon grete wysedome or elles vpon foly
2820 Thus whether the tale be ryght good or bad
2821 By the comyn wytte the knowlege is had
2822 Foly hath eres as well as sapyence
2823 But he can not determyne by his herynge
2824 What tale it is for lacke of intellygence
2825 For the comyn wytte is all vnderstondynge
2826 And that he lacketh to gyue hym knowynge
2827 Wherfore the eres are but an intres
2828 To the comyn wytte that sheweth the perfytnes
2829 The mouth tasteth bothe swete and bytternes
2830 But the comyn wytte decerneth proprely
2831 Yf it be soure or replete with swetenes
2832 Nor yet the handes fele nothynge certaynly
2833 But the comyn wytte decerneth subtelly
2834 Whether it he harde / moyst or of drynes
2835 Hote / heuy softe or yet colde doutles
2836 Thus comyn wytte werketh wonderly
2837 Vpon the .v. gates whiche are receptatyue
2838 Of euery thynge / for to take inwardly
2839 By the comyn wytte to be affyrmatyue
2840 Or by decernynge to be negatyue
2841 The comyn wytte the fyrst of wyttes all
2842 Is to decerne all thynges in generall
2843 And than secondly ymagynacyon
2844 Whan the comyn wytte hath the thynge electe
2845 It werketh by all due inclynacyon
2846 For to brynge the mater to the hole affecte
2847 And fantasy than hath the hole aspecte
2848 The ymagyned mater to brynge to fynysshement
2849 With good desyre and inwarde Iugement
2850 And estymacyon doth well comprehende
2851 The space / the place / and all the purueyaunce
2852 At what tyme the power myghte entende
2853 To brynge the cause vnto perfyte vtteraunce
2854 Often it weyeth the cause in balaunce
2855 By estymacyon ony thynge is nombred
2856 By length or shortnes how it is accombred
2857 Fyftely the mynde whan the fourth haue wrought
2858 Retayned all tyll the mynde haue made
2859 An outwarde knowlege to the mater thought
2860 Bycause nothynge shall declyne and fade
2861 It kepeth the mater nothynge rethrogarde
2862 But dyrectly tyll the mynde haue proued
2863 All suche maters whiche the .iiij. haue moued
2864 Plauto the cōnynge and famous clerke
2865 That well experte was in phylosophy
2866 Doth ryght reherce vpon natures werke
2867 How that she werketh vpon all wonderly
2868 Bothe for to mynysshe and to multeply
2869 In sundry wyse by grete dyreccyon
2870 After the mater with all the hole affeccyon
2871 In my natyf language I wyll not oppres
2872 More of her werke for it is obscure
2873 Who wyll therof knowe all the parfeytnes
2874 In phylosophy he shall fynde it ryght sure
2875 Whiche all the trouthe can to hym dyfcure
2876 No man can attayne perfyte connynge
2877 But by longe stody and dylygente lernynge.

Of the hye influences of the supernall bodyes. Ca. xxv.

2878 The ryght hye power nature naturynge
2879 Naturate made the bodyes aboue
2880 In sundry wyse to take theyr werkynge
2881 That aboute the worlde naturally do moue
2882 As by good reason the phylosophres proue
2883 That the planettes and sterres instrumentes be
2884 To natures werkynge in euery degre
2885 God gaue grete vertue to the planettes all
2886 And specyally vnto depured Phebus
2887 To enlumyne the worlde euer in specyall
2888 And than the mone of her selfe tenebrus
2889 Made lyght with the beames gay and gloryous
2890 Of the sonne is fayre resplendysshaunte
2891 In the longe nyght with rayes radyaūte
2892 By these twayne euery thynge hath growynge
2893 Bothe vegytatyfe and cesnatyue also
2894 And also intellectyue without lesynge
2895 No erthly thynge may haue lyfe and go
2896 But by the planettes that moue to and fro
2897 Whan that god sette them in operacyon
2898 He gaue them vertu in dyuers facyon
2899 Some hote and moyst and some colde and dry
2900 Some hote and drye moyst and colde
2901 Thus euery one hath vertues sundry
2902 As is made mencyon in the bokes olde
2903 They shewe theyr power and werke many a folde
2904 Man vpon them hath his dysposycyon
2905 By the naturate power of constellacyon
2906 What sholde I wryte more in this mater hye
2907 In my maternall tonge opprest with ignoraunce
2908 For who that lyst to lerne astronomye
2909 He shall synde all fruytfull pleasaunce
2910 In the latyn tongue by goodly ordenaunce
2911 Wherfore of it I wyll no lenger tary
2912 For fere frome trouthe that I happen to vary
2913 Of dame astronomy I dyde take my lycence
2914 For to trauayle to the toure of chyualry
2915 For all my mynde with percynge influence
2916 Was sette vpon the moost fayre lady
2917 Labell pucell so moche ententyfly
2918 That euery day I dyde th&ybar;ke fyftene
2919 Tyll I agayne had her swete persone sene

2920 To you experte in the seuen scyence
2921 Now all my maysters I do me excuse
2922 Yf I offended by my grete neclygence
2923 This lytell werke yet do ye not refuse
2924 I am but yonge it is to me obtuse
2925 Of these maters to presume to endyte
2926 But for my lernynge that I lyst to wryte
2927 Vnder obedyence and the correccyon
2928 Of you my maysters experte in connynge
2929 I me submytte now with hole affeccyon
2930 Vnto your perfyte vnderstondynge
2931 As euer more mekely to you inclynynge
2932 With dylygent laboure now without doutaunce
2933 To detray or adde all at your plesaunce

How graūde amoure came to the toure of chyualry. Ca. xxvj.2934 Whan clene aurora with her golden bemes
2935 Gan to enlumyne the derke cloudy ayre
2936 And cōbust Dyane her grete fyry lemes
2937 Amyddes of the bull began to reflayre
2938 Than on my Iorney myselfe to repayre
2939 With my verlet called attendaunce
2940 Forthe on I rode by longe contynuaunce
2941 With my greyhoundes bothe grace and gouernaunce
2942 Ouer an hyll and so downe in a valey
2943 Amonge the thornes of grete encumbraunce
2944 The goodley greyhoundes taught me on my wey
2945 So fourth I passed my troublous Iourney
2946 Tyll that I came into a ryall playne
2947 With flora paynted in many a sundry vayne
2948 With purple colour the floures enhewed
2949 In dyuers knottes with many one full blue
2950 The gentyll gelofer his odoure renued
2951 With sundry herbes replete with vertue
2952 Amonge these floures as I dyde ensue
2953 Castynge my syght sodaynly so ferre
2954 Ouer a toure I sawe a flambynge sterre
2955 Towarde this toure as I rode nere and nere
2956 I behelde the rocke of merueylous altytude
2957 On whiche it stode that quadraute dyde appere
2958 Made all of stele of wonderous fortytude
2959 Gargeylde with beestes in sundry symylytude
2960 And many turrettes aboue the toures hye
2961 With ymages was sette full meruaylouslye
2962 Towarde this toure forthe on my way I wente
2963 Tyll that came to a myghty fortresse
2964 Where I sawe hange a meruaylous instrumente
2965 With a shelde and helmet before the entres
2966 I knewe nothynge therof the perfytenes
2967 But at a uenture the instrumente I toke
2968 And blewe so loude that all the toure I shoke
2969 Whan the porter herde the hydeous sounde
2970 Of my ryght lusty and stormy blast
2971 That made the walles therof to redounde
2972 Full lyke a knyght that was nothynge agast
2973 Towarde the gate he gaue hym selfe to hast
2974 And opened it and asked my name
2975 And fro whens I came to certyfy the same
2976 My name quod I is graunde amoure
2977 Of late I came fro the toure of doctryne
2978 Where I attayned all the hygh honoure
2979 Of the seuen scyences me to enlumyne
2980 And frome thens I dyde determyne
2981 Forth to trouaylle to this toure of chyualry
2982 Where I haue blowen this blast so sodaynly
2983 Whan he herde this ryght gentylly he sayd
2984 Vnto this toure ye must resorte by ryght
2985 For to renue that hath be longe decayd
2986 The floure of chyualry with your hole delyght
2987 Come on your way it draweth towarde nyght
2988 And therwith all he ledde me to his warde
2989 Me to repose in plesaunt due saufgarde
2990 After the trauayle my selfe for to ease
2991 I dyde there rest than in all goodly wyse
2992 And slepte ryght well without ony dysease
2993 Tyll on the morow the sonne dyde aryse
2994 Than vp I rose as was my perfyte guyse
2995 And made me redy into the courte to go
2996 With my verlet and my grehoundes also
2997 The gentyll porter named stedfastnes
2998 Into the basse courte on my way he brought
2999 Where stode a toure of meruaylous hyghnes
3000 That all of Iasper full wonderly was wrought
3001 As ony man can prynte in his thought
3002 And foure ymages aboue the toure there were
3003 On hors backe armed and euery one a spere
3004 These ymages were made full curyously
3005 With theyr horses of the stele so fyne
3006 And eche of them in theyr places sundry
3007 About were sette that clerely dyde shyne
3008 Lyke Dyane clere in her spere celestyne
3009 And vnder eche horse there was full pryuely
3010 A grete whele made by craftly geometry
3011 With many cogges vnto whiche were tyed
3012 Dyuerse cordes that in the horses holowe
3013 To euery Ioynte full wonderly applyed
3014 Whan the wheles went the horses dyde folowe
3015 To trotte and galop both euen and morowe
3016 Brekynge theyr speres and coude them dyscharge
3017 Partynge asonder for to turney at large.

© Stephen Hawes