Time to Come

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"I am neither dead nor inert
Like the something that's hid
In dark mines.
I am burgeoning life, a seed sprouted.
Earth-nurtured and timid,
Swaddled still in pre-natal dreams,
I have, responsive to the sky's call,
Just opened my dubious eyes.
Although a little nobody
Amongst the big banyans,
As yet unperceived my small frame
Murmurs as musically as they.
I have rent open the earth's crust,
Seen the sun's diurnal motion,
And the vast consciousness
Of whole forest seeps within my roots.
Merely a sprouted seed today
Tomorrow I shall have a head of leaflets
I shall away it the way
The unruly wind blows,
Keeping time, beat by beat,
Thereafter, I shall stand
In the full view of everyone
Displaying the pride of my branches"

© Sukanta Bhattacharya