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Born in February 12, 1567 / Died in March 1, 1620 / United Kingdom / English


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  • Thomae Campiani Poemata. Ad Thamesin. Fragmentum Umbra. Liber Elegiarum. Liber Epigrammatum (London: R. Field, 1595).
  • Observations in the Art of English Poesie (London: Printed by R. Field for A. Wise, 1602).
  • The Discription of a Maske, Presented before the Kinges Majestie at White-Hall, on Twelfth Night Last, in Honour of the Lord Hayes (London: Printed by J. Windet for J. Brown, 1607).
  • A New Way of Making Fowre Parts in Counter-point, by a Most familiar, and Infallible Rule. Secondly, a Necessary Discourse of Keyes, and Their Proper Closes. Thirdly, the Allowed Passages of All Concords Perfect, or Imperfect, Are Declared. Also by Way of Preface, the Nature of the Scale Is Expressed, with a Briefe Method Teaching to Sing (London: Printed by T. Snodham for J. Browne, circa 1610); reprinted in A Brief Introduction To the Skill of Musick. In Two Books.... The Third Edition Enlarged. To Which Is Added a Third Book Entituled, The Art of Descant, or Composing Musick in Parts, By Dr. Tho. Campion. With Annotations thereon by Mr. Chr. Simpson, by John Playford (London, 1660).
  • A Relation of the Late Royall Entertainment Given by the Right Honorable the Lord Knowles.... Whereunto Is Annexed the Description, Speeches and Songs of the Lords Maske (London: Printed by W. Stansby for J. Budge, 1613).
  • Two Bookes of Ayres. The First Contayning Divine and Morall Songs: The Second, Light Conceits of Lovers (London: Printed by T. Snodham for M. Lownes & J. Browne, circa 1613).
  • Songs of Mourning: Bewailing the Untimely Death of Prince Henry. Worded by Tho. Campion. And Set Forth to Bee Sung with One Voyce to the Lute, or Violl: by John Coprario (London: Printed by T. Snodham for J. Browne, 1613).
  • The Description of a Maske: Presented in the Banqueting Roome at Whitehall, on Saint Stephens Night Last, At the Mariage of the Right Honourable the Earle of Somerset (London: Printed by E. Allde & T. Snodham for L. Lisle, 1614).
  • The Third and Fourth Booke of Ayres (London: T. Snodham, circa 1617).
  • Tho. Campiani Epigrammatum Libri II. Umbra. Elegiarum liber unus (London: E. Griffin, 1619).


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  • Four Hundred Songs and Dances from the Stuart Masque: With a Supplement of Sixteen Additional Pieces, edited by Andrew J. Sabol (Providence, R.I.: Brown University Press, 1978; London: University Press of New England, 1982).


  • "Poems and Sonets of Sundrie Other Noblemen and Gentlemen," in Astrophil and Stella, by Sir Philip Sidney (London: Thomas Newman, 1591)--includes Campion's "Harke, All You Ladies that Doo Sleepe"; "What Faire Pompe Have I Spide of Glittering Ladies"; "My Love Bound Me with a Kisse"; "Love Whets the Dullest Wittes, His Plagues Be Such"; and "A Daie, a Night, an Houre of Sweete Content".
  • A Booke of Ayres. Set Forth to Be Song to the Lute, Orpherian, and Base Violl, by Philip Rosseter Lutenist (London: P. Short, 1601)--includes 21 poems and a preface by Campion.

The principal sources of manuscript copies of the poems and songs are the British Library; the Bodleian Library, Oxford; Christ Church College Library, Oxford; the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge; the Edinburgh University Library; the National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh; Trinity College Library, Dublin; and the New York Public Library.