Satyr X. Colin

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Ye tender virgins listen to the strains
With which our skillfull Colin charmd the plains
tis true the rivers did not cease to run
the winds still blew tho still the shepheard sung
But greater strangely greater things were don
the younger nymphs woud give no lover ear
the older even left their talk to hear

Twas thus if I remember he begun
Fly charming beauty fly the lovers tongue
tis not in beauty to resist it long
Be very cautious whom you chuse to hear
Your hearts are tender shepheards know they are
Not that of sacred love my layes complain
Perish the layes that dare its fires prophane,
But men shoud never in feignd passions rave,
Or women know how much they can deceive,
Believe me virgins, for I tell you true,
Believe your Colin the sincere are few.

A hope of pleasure or a pride to gain
brings to a fair some well-dissembling swain
thus urgd along he practises to move
thro' each ingaging path of reall love
If e're he lookes his passions in his eyes
If ere he sighes tis heard upon his sighes
In all his words a soft enchantment reigns
Ah shepheardess beware his words are chains
& their design is on your innocence
You must not lett him conquer tho he swear
Nor longer than he talks of Hymen hear
Oaths without Hymen never bind till death
The lovers oaths but go for so much breath
Believe me fairs he best deserves a heart
Who gives you proof that he can never part

A gratitude or pitty well designd
Oft unawares has made a woman kind
she sees she pittys by degrees she burns
& all the youth perhaps but acts returns
Ah shepheards leave in this to show yr skill
The more success you meet the more you're ill
deceive those women who design on you
But why shoud harmless virgins suffer too
Methinks they shoud not—yet Alas they do
Believe ye fairs what faithfull Colin speakes
He who dissembles no distinction makes.

By easy numbers some obtain a love
By presents some, by dressing others move
by singing this by dancing that insnares
Inconstancy is often in its airs
thus by a thousand slights to love you're drawn
While he who draws you may be touchd by none
Or if he chance to be so maynt be long
Believe ye Virgins what the poet sings
Loves darts have feathers & himself has wings

Yet have I seen & read of happy pairs
Who with a mutuall kindness past their years
Hang up your garlands Beautys to their fame
& ever in your songs preserve their name
Nay I have seen a lover hereto fore
Who dy'd to show how much he did adore
He might to lust or pride a martyr prove
But since tis said Alexis dy'd for love
give up a tear to his uncommon doom
still when at each full moon the shepheards come
With Hellebore to strow along his tomb
These are the rights the shepheards think are due
to him whom they call mad to dy for you
Believe their actions & tis quickly known
Men think their constancy is fairly shown
In loving allwayes not in loving one

Take not a perjurd lover for you know
He may be false because he has been so
Take not a fool for fear you may esteem
Another more to be belovd than him
Take not a man thats but a man of airs
for the nymphs qualitys he little cares
Who likes his own too well to value hers
In ages humours riches or in bloods
Unequall matches make eternall feuds
Believe me virgins if you woud be blest
You must how ere you manage for the rest
Take one thats near your temper to your breast
Thus without quarrells will your hours run on
While your opinions still unite in one
Thus when the thing will please yrself you know
You know what pleases one another too.

Divine Orinda now my labours crown
& if my voice or harp have glory won
Thine was the influence thine the glory be
Thee Colin loves & loves thy sex for thee

He ceasd his voice was rather sweet than loud
The mountains coud not as the nymphs applaud
but every fair of that admiring throng
Warbling a part on't as she went along
Raisd a shrill Eccho to resound his Song.

© Thomas Parnell