The Eagle and the Dove

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  SHADE of Caractacus, if spirits love
  The cause they fought for in their earthly home
  To see the Eagle ruffled by the Dove
  May soothe thy memory of the chains of Rome.

  These children claim thee for their sire; the breath
  Of thy renown, from Cambrian mountains, fans
  A flame within them that despises death
  And glorifies the truant youth of Vannes.

  With thy own scorn of tyrants they advance,
  But truth divine has sanctified their rage, 
  A silver cross enchased with flowers of France
  Their badge, attests the holy fight they wage.

  The shrill defiance of the young crusade
  Their veteran foes mock as an idle noise;
  But unto Faith and Loyalty comes aid
  From Heaven, gigantic force to beardless boys. 

© William Wordsworth