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Born in February 19, 1812 / Died in February 23, 1859 / Poland / Polish


Count Napoleon Stanisław Adam Ludwig Zygmunt Krasiński , (19 February 1812 - 23 February 1859, Paris, France), a Polish count, is traditionally ranked with Mickiewicz and Słowacki as one of Poland's Three National Bards ? the trio of great Romantic poets who influenced national consciousness during the period of Poland's political bondage.

Krasiński was the son of a general, Count Wincenty Krasiński, of the aristocratic Krasiński family. He studied law at Warsaw University and in Geneva, where he met Adam Mickiewicz.

Krasiński was more sociopolitically conservative than the other two poets. He published much of his work anonymously.

He is best known for his philosophical Messianist ideas. His drama, Nie-boska Komedia (The Un-Divine Comedy, 1835), portrays the tragedy of an old-world aristocracy defeated by a new order of communism and democracy, and is a poetic prophecy of class conflict and of Russia's October Revolution (see also Okopy Świętej Trójcy); and his drama, Irydion