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Aloys Blumauer

Born in December 22, 1755 / Died in March 16, 1798 / Austria / German

Aloys Blumauer poet from Austria was born on December 22, 1755, had 42 years and died on March 16, 1798. Poems were written mainly in German language. Dominant movement is other.


Aloys Blumauer (21 or 22 December 1755 Steyr - 16 March 1798 Vienna) was an Austrian poet.

His works, which are chiefly coarse satires on the clergy and on the Jesuits (of which he himself had become a member a year before its dissolution in 1773), enjoyed a wide popularity. He is remembered, however, chiefly for his Abenteuer des frommen Helden Æneas (1784-88; published with introduction and commentary by E. Griesbach, 1872), a coarse travesty on Vergil's Aeneid. His complete works (Sämmtliche Werke) appeared after his death in four volumes (1801-03; republished 1884). ..