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Born in December 22, 1755 / Died in March 16, 1798 / Austria / German


Aloys Blumauer (21 or 22 December 1755 Steyr - 16 March 1798 Vienna) was an Austrian poet.

His works, which are chiefly coarse satires on the clergy and on the Jesuits (of which he himself had become a member a year before its dissolution in 1773), enjoyed a wide popularity. He is remembered, however, chiefly for his Abenteuer des frommen Helden Æneas (1784-88; published with introduction and commentary by E. Griesbach, 1872), a coarse travesty on Vergil's Aeneid. His complete works (Sämmtliche Werke) appeared after his death in four volumes (1801-03; republished 1884). ..